This bathroom was part of a renovation project in Ambleside, which included creating rooms in the attic space.  The customer requested that the wall behind the bath to be in stone, but on inspection, there was nothing substantial to support the weight of a full wall.  To do so would have meant taking up floors and putting in roof support joists - a huge task.

Stephen came up with a simple and elegant solution.  He simply cut the face off individual walling stones in such a way they resembled wall tiles and then glued them to boards as though building a dry stone wall.  No where near the same amount of weight and in effect it gave a good 500mm extra of floor space.

Stephen also linked three ducts to an extractor fan, which ran behind the wall into the eaves.  The vents for these were created out of the slate and you can hardly see where they are in the finished wall.

With that big mirror to wall up to, it was a bit nerve racking.  One slip with a hammer or a stone could have seen it broken or scratched.  It was a case of softly softly.

Finally, just to make sure everything was just right, Stephen created a substantial fixing plate between the floor joists in which to bolt the large, free-standing bath tap so that if it was grabbed or leant upon, it would remain attached to the floor. 

The final result is a clever mix of modern and traditional that looks good and functions perfectly.