New build 

A clean slate.  This is where imagination and creativity can come together with tradition and the modern to create a truly inspired property.  Coupled with eco-innovative ideas, your new home can set new standards in cost efficient living whilst having a house that looks fantastic.  

Stephen works closely with a number of architects who have the same outlook as he does, which means your project will be quite unique. Local green slate, locally felled timber and craftsmanship in stained glass and wrought iron all add to create practical, contemporary and traditional living spaces to suit all needs.

Case Study - Newby Bridge Garage

This garage at Newby Bridge was part of a large extension project that was completed early 2007. Most of the stonework is built in local blue slate, including a stile, an additional feature that has been crafted by hand. Local distinguished joiners have created the upper section of the property. The two skills complement one another to complete a quality building with a contemporary look that works well with the surrounding countryside.