Summer gone in a Flash ( Flood)

12th July 2012

I have to say the weather is driving us mad. it makes our job very very difficult for ground works but the boys are doing well ,very rarely do they complain and the jobs are progressing well.
Grizebeck has turned a corner with most of the drainage now in including  steel work with mesh and bent bar in place and concrete going in.
Block work to the retainer and extension will start tomorrow and finally feel like we are getting somewhere.
(most of the work to date has been hidden, underpinning,drainage and foundation work) 
Now all the infrastructure is in place we hope to progress quickly to roof level .

Mill gate is finally moving forward again with final excavations for the garage taking place in readiness for the reinforced garage retaining wall.
Again we can get the reinforced garage retaining wall in and move to the easier block wall construction.

The Coniston site has also come on well, despite the weather we are finally out of the very wet conditions and above ground floor level and going up.The floors went in very quickly with the use of the 
telehandler to lift the T beams in place,it make for a speedy and sound floor construction.
The new bridge also got a good testing with the flash floods, the river rose 3 6"' in just 2 hrs of heavy rain . It stood the test well ,and when the river level finally dropped 100kg plus boulders from up stream had moved a considerable distance. During the flood there was thunder but it was difficult at first to distinguish between boulder movement and thunder. quite amazing

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