Newlands Update Summer

7th July 2016

This project has been as challenging as it has been rewarding as every element of this renovation is bespoke and complex. Due to the nature of the building the highest level of sensitivity must be applied to both protect the fragile historic elements and so that all new additions complement and enhance the charming character of this property.
 Following on from the extensive underpinning work that consumed a bulk of time early in the proceedings, was painstaking wall consolidation work using traditional techniques and pointing using 'hot lime' mortar. 
This is one example of some work to conceal the unsightly pipework whilst of course allowing for access in the future. 
 The lake district is well known for certain vernacular features not least oval chimney stacks. This huge chimney stack on the property in the Newlands Valley had to be both an impressive feature and structurally 'Lakeland weather' worthy.  The lake Districts vernacular buildings often feature round chimney stacks and we wanted to create an impressive homage to this tradition. 
The property is very exposed to the weather so extra measures to prevent water ingress were deemed essential. 
Here is the lead work around the new vertical sash windows being installed and some lead about to be sealed on the wall tops under the roof verges.

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