Pup and pebble

5th June 2012

Sam the pup

The week got off to a great start with plenty to do, the under pinning at Grizebeck  got well under way.
Wednesday saw the removal of the Pebble in the wall !! not exactly! weighing in at nearly 3.5 tons 
the Manitou was put to the test with experienced hand Mike at the controls the pebble was set to one side.
This freed up another section of wall for excavation and underpinning with much of the old masonry foundations now exposed its become clear the extent of under pinning that needs to be done.
Reducing the exterior ground level will certainly help with future water ingress in wet periods, its hoped that by the end of next week much of the excavation work will be done leaving us clear to complete the underpinning and start surface and foul drains in readiness for the integral retaining wall and house foundations .

The Coniston site moved forward with near completion of excavations for the building .
even in this dry spell and relief drains now in place water on site is still a problem with the presence of rock close by ,until we get out of the ground its a battle. a challenging site with little room until excavation spoil is removed makes for interesting work.

The Ambleside property is now near completion and looking good, when our clients asked for a feature wall in the bath room in natural stone my first reaction was it cant be done without the introduction of a steel support beam to the floor, requiring a lot of stripping back and expense 
we came up with the idea of a cladded wall ,in natural stone . each piece of slate cut to the required thickness and then clad to the wall like a tile, the results where very pleasing.
we also introduced ventilation to the bathroom via the feature wall with tiered slates and boxing to the rear with a remote extractor.
Small details like heat pads to the back of the wall mirror ensures very little mirror condensation and a clear view.
Flush  fit metal roof windows where also added at the clients request giving a nice clean roof line and crisp finish to the interior, a new gable full length window over looking the fells also makes for a feeling of space and light Its turned out a nice job and a pleasure to work on with huge attention to detail which we are not shy of.

Hope we all had a good jubilee celebration and God save our Queen, long may she reign.

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