Mill Gate,Grizebeck,Coniston and the Little grey Fergey.

30th September 2012

Its been a productive month again despite the weather.
Mill Gate garage/boiler house is finally coming  out of the ground despite only working on the project with the lads nights and weekends. The weather will take a turn for the worst soon re frost and cold days so we need to push on with it and get a roof on ASAP.
Much of the work carried out so far is under ground and will never be seen with reinforced foundations and walls.
The back retainer consists of 3@ 100mm skins of Dense concrete block with 2 cavities,the rear cavity contains the 16mm bent bar with a 393 mesh laced into it , this when complete with be filled with C35 concrete poured in 450mm layers. this makes for a very strong retaining wall.In front of that we build another 100mm skin of dense concrete block,again with a cavity and will contain ridged insulation to form a warm and dry wall. a lot of work but we only want to do it the once.
The nice thing is much of the material excavated from the building foot print has been used to form sub floors and other construction detail so our Green foot print and impact on the environment is i think quiet good.

Grizebeck now has a roof and looking good with much of the stone facing complete,the new Burlington slate laid in diminishing courses is also going on nicely,the rear elevation of the extension has a very long drag with a very small change of pitch part way up,this makes for a very aesthetically pleasing roof .
The customer quiet wisely has opted for a very traditional looking roof light but with modern features including double glazing.and should complement the old farm house very well,a sun pipe will also be installed to the rear of the house to shed light on the very dark passageway to the older part of the house. alleviating the need for switching lights on in that area during the day thus conserving energy.
Bi fold doors will also be a big feature to the ground floor conservatory giving light and a taste of the outdoors from the kitchen area.

Coniston is looking great, this week should see the completion of the roof.a new chimney stack has also being complete this week by myself, a code 5 lead tray through the entire stack at roof level should alleviate any future damp problems with a nice slate detail to the top forming a drip and will help to shed water from the chimney stack.
Hardwood windows and doors also arrived on Thursday and by Friday all had been installed by our quality site joinery Sam Clarke.
Timber ceilings and partition walls also went in this week so we are now ready for the electrician and plumbers first fix and rough casting to the outside in the next few weeks  (weather permitting)

Finally my brother Mike and I completed a charity Tractor run in aid of The Rosemere cancer care unit in Preston and st Marys hospice in Ulverston ALL DONATIONS WELCOME 07831299053 .
mike took the John Deere site tractor with both his kids on board and i took my 1953 Grey Ferguson
only receiving a new clutch 12 hrs previous. the run went very well but not without a few dramas . I developed a major fuel leak just 30 minutes from the off so out can the solder iron and a small piece of plastic tubing saved the day and held for the gruelling 5hr drive through some fantastic lanes and scenery.

thank you for viewing my biog. i hope you enjoy them and if you feel i could make some improvements your comments would be much appreciated.

Bye for now.

Stephen G

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